We create custom-made, top performance Online Sailing Fitness Programs that follow you everywhere, making you stronger, faster, accurate, focused and far more skilled.

Each workout program is designed only for you and will be supported by us, answering your questions, coaching and supporting you wherever you are.

We are your online Personal Trainers.

Why Choose Our Programs?


Increase performance in 10 major physical skills

Enhance recovery ability


Increase performance in repetitive sailing movements


Prevent injuries

How it Works?


Fulfill the Assessment Form available on Customer Area, so we can have a clear picture of your goals, objectives and fitness & sailing background.

Get your custom-made Training Program based on your physical profile by email, with the QR Code that allows you to carry it with you all the time.

Use the Feedback Form, the email or Skype for doubts and comments on your Program, so we can fine tune the Training Plan to maximize results.

We're Nauti Fit


We turn the usual physical training into the full fitness program that follows sailors everywhere.


We deliver complete fitness reports that allow sailors and coaches to target the training in a whole new way.


We know from experience exactly what sailors need to stay in shape worldwide, on and off-season.

Either while you are working out alone on your regular gym, training with the team, preparing for a specific race or even between seasons, our programs can adapt and follow you everywhere.

Our programs can be used wherever you are and whenever you feel like training, unlike a regular gym program.

One thing you can rely on – we always have in mind the moment when you get back on the water and we make sure you are in your peak performance, regardless you’re an individual sailor or a team.

Our Solutions are 100% focused on sailing, with a unique, comprehensive and integrated approach, customized for your needs.

We develop and monitor cutting edge remote fitness training programs, with specially designed exercises to improve the physical condition and tailored to fit each sailor, class and role onboard.

We support teams and sailors with a wide range of fitness logistics services, during their worldwide campaigns.

All our functional training programs and services are tailored to solve sailor’s needs.

Our sailing experience allow us to target exercises to specific crew positions, race-like movement simulations, appropriate nutrition for pre and post race, recovery, workout routines that will prepare you to each race conditions, mental toughness and remote coach support.

We can also provide worldwide venue support, to help you prepare “The” race that will make all the difference.

Our sailing fitness programs fit seamlessly into your daily lives and training routines.

All of this with You in mind, not any other sailor. “One size fits all” doesn’t exist!

And all in a hassle-free approach. You take care of sailing. We take care of you.


Our programs are based on a series of training models already used by many world-renowned sailors, promoting highly effective physical and mental conditioning.

From Olimpic Dinghy sailors to grand prix crews and VOR Teams, we have the experience in getting sailors and crews fit for action.

We give you the ultimate tools and support you working out anywhere in the world, no matter where you are racing or practicing. We might not be looking over your shoulder all day long, but we are right here 24/7 answering all your questions, motivating you, remotely monitoring all your training and issuing reports that will help you focus and progress.

No matter how simple or professional your need is. No matter how far you race or apart you are from the rest of your team.

We are the face you know, always by your side. Either designing your training plans, coaching and advising you, or measuring and recording your progresses along with your team.

Our aim? Making you perform Stronger, Faster, Longer.

Our focus? Your results.

We create team programs that can be executed no matter where sailors are, in a given moment – either racing or resting.

We know that quite often teams get separated for a while, either off season or for professional reasons.

Our programs take in consideration the team’s needs and either being working out alone, half-way across the globe, you know your training will be consolidated and analyzed as part of your team!

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